Welcome to the Festival of the Beats

Born from an idea over a cup of coffee with Hugh Pilkington in 2011
The original idea, was to hold a small event to honour the beat poets in a local Ipswich pub.
I could not have dreamt that it could grow into bi-annual gatherings of some of the best in contemporary and second generation beat performers, bohemians, artists and minstrels, all of whom have been greatly influenced by the beat generation, creating an array of artforms from poetry and visual arts to films and be-bop.
The journey is a real hurdy-gurdy ride, forming new friendships from surreal meetings and crazy stories, words and jazz.
I would like to mention poet Mr. John Row with his black book and our long crazy phone calls from the road, still the tarmac junkie and my long distance mentor continuing to make these festivals happen.
I would also like to thank John Power, for his commitment, belief and contacts, helping these festivals to have become the memorable events they are.
Jim Brown, the original Ipswich Beatnik, great stories man!
My lovely wife Allie, for being my muse, mentor and love and finally Greg Cooper, for his belief in me and opening those doors in 2014, so the opportunities could grow.
Join us and be inspired by our future gatherings of bohemians
Paul Fisk, Festival Founder and Director